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Keyboard Gaming Rexus Legionare MX10 Artwork

Rexus Legionare MX10

Mekanikal gaming keyboard

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Rexus thundervox stream

Rexus Legionare MX10

Mekanikal gaming keyboard

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Rexus | Made for Everyone!

Rexus is one of the fastest growing brands in gaming and mobile accessories in Indonesia, making it the preferred brand for many Indonesians. The reasons behind it are because Rexus is affordable to all groups of gamers and professionals, both men and women, without sacrificing its quality and innovation. In addition, our products are stylish, modern, elegant and innovative. Suitable for you who are young spirited, dynamic and love challenges. We have a vision where Rexus can become one of Indonesian pride products and place our brand as the best product in the country. For this believe, we collaborate with related agencies and companies to support the development of esports in Indonesia, such as the Indonesia Esports League (IEL) University Series. We also start our “Gamer Cerdas (Smart Gamer)” campaign which aims to change the traditional paradigms of parents and educational institutions to be more open to the existence of esports which turns out to be able to produce better performance and become a profession. We believe that “Everyone is Gamers”, each person is a player, who has extraordinary abilities and skills with different traits. Therefore, we offer our products for everyone. Rexus, Made For Everyone.

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