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Rexus Gaming Chair RGC103 Electra Blue

Put Me to Cool Temptation!

The glimmering blue accent from Rexus Gaming Chair RGC103 Electra Blue, tempting everyone who sees it with a cool sensation, a gaming chair which is made for gamer and streamer who want to appear dashingly while enjoying their game. Still prioritizing its main function as a functional and comfortable seat, RGC103 Electra Blue will absolutely boost your gaming performance to the next level!

  • Cool blue scotlight accent
  • 4D armrest, which are fully adjustable in four directions—forward & backward, up & down, left & right, and angled inward & outward—to suit your own needs and preferences,
  • Easy-to-use as well as multi-function levers to customize the height of the chair (right lever) and the angle of the chair (left lever),
  • Stand is made out steel,
  • Seat is made wider in size (XL),
  • Come with a wider headrest and waist rest for a better sitting posture,
  • High quality synthetic leather which is durable and comfortable,
  • High quality and not easily deflated cushion.

Cool Blue Temptation

RGC103 Electra Blue displays a dynamic color accent while tempting everyone who sees it with cool temptation. Those blue patterns are designed in such a way it can draw attention from its viewer while reflecting the lights from your RGB gaming setup.

Safe and Comfortable Swing

The multifunction “Frog” mechanical system lets you to set its tilting position, while giving you the safe and comfortable swinging experience, for its perfect balance position.

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Frog Mechanism Technology

Supported by the latest technology, multi-function “frog” mechanical and 4D handle, Rexus Gaming Chair RGC 103 provides maximum comfort. The user-friendly setting helps the user in finding the most comfortable sitting position with ease.

Made For Everyone

This gaming chair has a neutral element where it can be used by male or female gamer who wants to appear dashingly while enjoying the game.

Gaming Chair Specs

Type: Rexus RGC103 Electra Blue

Mechanical System: Frog mechanical with tilt mode

Gas lift: Class 4

Material: Polyurethane (PU) leather with PU scotlight accent

Stand Material: Steel

Maximum Weight: 150Kg

Maximum Tilt:  150°

Wheel Diameter:  7.5 cm

Assembling System: Knock down


Back Height: 85cm

Back Width (shoulder): 66cm

Seat Length: 52cm

Seat Width: 64cm

Seat Thickness (foam included): 10 cm

Seat Height (from ground –to below seat): ± 45cm

Armrest Maximum Height (from ground – highest armrest height): 84cm

Maximum Tilt: 13°

Weight: ± 40kg

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