Rexus Gaming Chair R50

Minimalist Design, Maximum Pleasure

Rexus Gaming Chair R50 becomes one of the signature in Rexus by providing multifunction gaming chair which can be used for gaming or working professionally. The simple, ergonomic, and solid design provides physical comfort for gamer and professional who choose to do their work on chair for hours. It is time for you to spoil your sitting position with multifunction and light yet sturdy Rexus R50.

Gaming Chair Specs

  • L size seat, adjustable armrest in upward and downward direction,
  • Headrest is made out of high quality PU leather, while the seat is made of nylon net,
  • Sturdy yet flexible for the structure is made from plastic material,
  • Able to withstand a maximum amount of 120kg,
  • Backrest can be tilted back to create 125°,
  • Stand is made of Hard Nylon which is 350mm thick,
  • Two choices available, with or w/o wheels,
  • Wheels are 50mm in diameter,
  • Gas lift 80mm class 4,
  • Ergonomic design with perfect balance.

Superior Features

Rexus Gaming Chair R50

Simple and Stylish Model

R50 promotes the functionality, while also prioritizing the design and simple yet classy color combination.

Light yet Sturdy

R50 weight less than any other types of gaming chair in Rexus. This feature enables the user to easily move the chair anywhere.


Ergonomics is one of the main reasons a gaming chair is made, for the capability in providing an ideal sitting position for the users, Rexus Gaming Chair R50 grants better comfort as well as supporting a healthier spine.

Perfect Balance

This gaming chair is manufactured by taking comfort and safety into consideration. The 5 weight points will help user in finding the perfect balance, even while lying on top of this gaming chair.

High-Quality PU Leather

The surface of RGC 111 is made out of high quality synthetic leather known as PU leather. By adding carbon accents on some places, give the impression of masculinity and elegance.


Tinggi sandaran 70 cm
Lebar sandaran 46cm (pundak & pinggang)
Panjang alas 51cm
Lebar alas 50 cm
Tebal alas (termasuk busa) 7cm
Berat bersih 12 Kilogram

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