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Rexus Gaming Chair Raceline Ultimate RC2

The moment you seat on top of this gaming chair, you will feel your adrenaline rushes through your body, like sitting in a racing car. Rexus presents you Raceline Ultimate RC2, comes with strong sporty design with carbon accent on its side, made of high quality PU Leather, equipped with the best features in its class, making it perfect for you who like to enjoy thrilling sensation!

Feel the rush of adrenaline through your body with Rexus Gaming Chair Raceline Ultimate RC2!

  • Adopting racing chair design
  • Dynamic color options
  • 4D armrest, which are fully adjustable in four directions—forward & backward, up & down, left & right, and angled inward & outward—to suit your own needs and preferences,
  • Easy-to-use as well as multi-function levers to customize the height of the chair (right lever) and the angle of the chair (left lever),
  • High quality and not easily deflated cushion.
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Sporty and Elegant Design

Rexus Raceline Ultimate RC2 displays a strong sporty element which is adopted from a racing chair, featuring the perfect shape for your own personal body, prioritizing its ergonomic and functionality sides.

Dynamic Color Options

This gaming chair comes with four dynamic color options, such as; yellow, blue, red, and blue. Choose the best color to show your best gaming performance!

Frog Mechanism Technology

Supported by the latest technology, multi-function “frog” mechanical and 4D handle, Rexus Gaming Chair RGC 103 provides maximum comfort. The user-friendly setting helps the user in finding the most comfortable sitting position with ease.

Safe and Comfortable Swing

The multifunction “Frog” mechanical system lets you to set its tilting position, while giving you the safe and comfortable swinging experience, for its perfect balance position.

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Full Molded Foam

Rexus Ultimate Raceline RC2, is a gaming chair which the foam is molded with precise molding technology, making it thicker, not easily deflated, durable, and neat.

This technology is known to create a thicker foam, uneasily changed form, and massive for its unconnected foam. Despite of being thick, the foam still has the flexibility and ability to memorize its user body shape. Making it your best sitting experience, while boosting your gaming performance to the next level!

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