• gaming headset Rexus Thundervox HX25 White WB HX25

Soundsational Gaming Experience!

Rexus Gaming Headset Thundervox HX25 is made specifically for you, mobile gaming fans. Producing detailed sound while providing wider sound staging which contributes in creating real sound. Also equipped with single jack 3.5mm plug, this gaming headset can be directly connected to your mobile phone.

  • This gaming headset wields larger drivers to create detailed sound, even though it still relies on stereo technology,
  • Comes in a elegant and simple design, with big but light headband,
  • Oval earcup with over-ear type, helps the ear to be completely covered, providing comfort for the user,
  • Earpads are are made out of the soft PU leather while the foam is thick and soft, providing comfort and noise reduction,
  • Flexible and detachable microphone.
gaming headset Rexus Thundervox HX25 White Hx25

Bigger Driver

Thundervox HX25 relies on a pair of large drivers which are 50mm in diameter, producing better audio quality.

Flexible And Sensitive Microphone

This gaming headset is equipped with detachable and sensitive microphone which produces detailed voice completed with semi-condenser microphone which can be connected to user’s mobile phone or other recording device directly.

Comfortable And Functional Earcups

The pair of earpads are designed oval, thus they fit on the ears. They are made out of the soft PU leather while the foam is thick and soft, providing comfort when used without causing skin irritation around ears, while serve as noise reduction around the user.

Single Jack 3,5mm Connector

This gaming headset comes with a single jack 3.5mm which enables the user to directly connect the phone or other music player, without needing any converter. The suitable gaming headset for mobile gamers.

Real Character Sound

Rexus Gaming Headset Thundervox HX25  performs a real and detailed sound, a pure type of gaming headset. With this sound characteristic, ease the user’s sense of hearing in analyzing enemy’s move.

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