• gaming keyboard Rexus Legionare MX3.2 WL MX3

Simplicity Makes Perfect

Legionare MX3.2 Gaming Keyboard

Simple and elegant appearance is still a major trend in the design of modern gaming devices. Masculine design, elegant, functional, and with dark colors become the identity of the Rexus Legionare MX3.2 gaming keyboard, the successor to MX3.1.

The difference is of course the perfection of some features and accents that make the MX3.2 mechanical keyboard appear more convincing and easy to use. With these improvements, MX3 gaming keyboard generation appears increasingly convincing in the segmentation of gamers who use mechanical keyboards.

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Equipped with functional detachable magnetic palm-rest
  • Masculine dark gray appearance
  • 104 mechanical buttons with full anti-ghosting

10 LED Modes

Rexus Legionare MX3.2 has 10 lighting modes and 12 multimedia keys. To change its LED mode, simply done with “Fn + Insert”.

104 Full Anti-ghosting Keys

This gaming keyboard is a full size keyboard with full anti-ghost feature, with a response speed of about 1 microsecond, there will be no lag between beats.

Ideal Keyboard Weight with Quality Materials

This mechanical keyboard exposes the toughness in its overall design and shape. Aluminum alloy metal shielding will protect the inside of the keyboard when a collision occurs. With a weight of more than 1 kilogram, Legionare MX3.2 will make your game more stable.

Content Switch with 50 Million Clicks!

Rexus Legionare MX3.2 entrusts its switches to Content, which each switch has a durability of up to 50 million while having the ability to stands independently and has a hot detachable switch system, in order to be easily replaced.

Magnetic Palm-rest

This mechanical gaming keyboard is equipped with a palmrest holder that is easily removed and installed because it is equipped with a magnetic connector system that remains attached to the keyboard body.

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