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Rexus Gaming Mousepad KVLAR TR2 comes with the flexible RGB LED with 10 modes of colors, radiating your dashing appearance and your gaming spirit. The setting can be done through a switch, which can be located on a panel which is connected to USB cable.


This RGB gaming mousepad is adjusted for someone who needs a more flexible mouse movement, by providing a better and larger mouse movement. With the dimension of 800 x 300 x 3mm, this mousepad promises the most convenient mouse movement.


The durability from this mousepad is undeniably strong for its jacquard and rubber layer, as well as the LED, was put together with press method and strengthened with nylon thread, making it unpeelable.


The surface layer is made of textured nylon, making this RGB gaming mousepad suitable for any type of mouse sensor.


Rexus KVLAR TR2 is made of high-quality material that despite of being flexible, it is also strong and durable. The flexibility aspect makes this RGB gaming mousepad to be easily folded and taken anywhere.

Additional Information

Model Kvlar TR2
Surface Jacquard
Base Anti-Slip Rubber
LED 10 Lighting Modes
Length 800mm
Wide 300mm
Thickness 3mm

Size Does Matter!

Superior Features

Rexus Gaming Mousepad KVLAR TR2 is one of Rexus premium product, equipped with running LED RGB which illuminates around it. Engineered with a sophisticated technology, this RGB gaming mousepad will support each of your every move in high precision. It uses a textured nylon for its surface, with the ideal thickness to maximize your accuracy as well as speed. Mouse handling becomes so much easy for its mouse sensor being mapped in detail.

Rexus KVLAR TR2, is the RGB gaming mousepad which will provide you the best and most convenient mouse handling to boost your gaming performance, as well as appearance.

  • 10 led modes,
  • Larger size,
  • Anti-peeling,
  • Optimized for every mouse sensor,
  • Durable & practical.

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