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Capturing And Connecting Are Easy

One of the most needed device for streaming is capture card. This device is used for capturing live display and audio in the game or other display to show it  on your streaming channel. Rexus HD200 Capture Card can be the solution for your streaming problem. With its compact square shaped design, Rexus HD200 is equipped with latest technology for producing high resolution graphic and audio. Rexus HD200 is also easy to use for new streamer and compatible on most platform.

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Complete your streaming studio with HD200 Capture Card and produce a perfect stream everytime you go live.

  • Compatible with most device and platform.
  • With up to 4K 60 Hz HDMI input to deliver Full HD 1080 60 FPS video.
  • Rexus HD200 uses USB 3.0 connection data transfer with speed of 5Gbps (without delay).
  • No need to setting anything, just simple plug n play.


Easy Customization

Rexus HD200 Capture Card can be used without any extra software. You just have to connect 3 plugs that fit to its uses and go live instantly.

Wider Range of Compatibility

Rexus HD200 have wider range of compatibility. This device is compatible to most variety of platform, like OBS, YouTube, XSplit, Twitch, and other Window or Mac OS.

Ideal Design and Size

With its 10 x 5 cm width and 1,7cm thickness, Rexus HD200 is very easy to be carried anywhere you want to go live. This device also does not require any extra power source. You just need to plug it to a computer or laptop and you’re all set.

High Quality Output Display

Rexus HD200 Capture Card has the ability to input up to 4K video with 60Hz. For its output, Rexus HD200 is capable to produce 1080p 60Hz Full HD video.

Record Video to PC

Rexus HD200 can also be used for recording a live video as long you still have the HDMI connection.

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Product Type: Capture Card

Model: Rexus HD200

HDMI Input/Output: 4K x 2K @60Hz

Connection Type:  HDMI (Output and Input), USB 3.0 (to computer), Port 3,5mm (for headphones output and microphon input)

Compatibility: All platform (Youtube, OBS, Twitch, Xsplit, dan sebagainya)

Dimension: 107 x 51 x 17mm.

Package Content:

  • Capture Card
  • 3.0 USB cable
  • Guide book

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