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High Resolution Picture

Rexus Stream SW-RX01 comes with standard resolution size, 1280×720, which is used by a variety of quality laptop webcam and is also supported by a sensor to produce smooth and natural 30 FPS pictures.

Integrated Microphone

This webcam is equipped with integrated microphone, which is positioned directly in front of its user face or mouth, maximizing its ability to capture voice to produce quality and detailed sound.

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Quality and Detailed Lens

Rexus Stream SW-RX01 is equipped with 1/4″ lens with HD CMOS parameter which is able to capture object in detail and producing quality picture, with 3.0 micrometer * 3.0 micrometer pixel size.

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Game. Camera. Action!

At this moment, webcam becomes one of the part of lifestyle. From remote working or work-from-home (WFH) which needs clear and detailed visual presentation, video chatting with co-workers, to becoming a game streamer, quality webcam is crucial for these kind of activities.

Rexus gets what you need and we offer you a quality webcam, Rexus Streaming Webcam SW-RX01. Just like its name, SW-RX01 promises a service of high-quality video streaming with easy-to-operate feature.

This easy operated feature lets anyone to use this webcam at any chances, either for a formal presentation or casual events.

Rexus Stream SW-RX01 will help you to show your true self!

  • Practical and easy-to-operate without software,
  • Quality picture with high resolution,
  • Sensitive sensor lens with auto focus feature to catch picture flawlessly,
  • Compatible with every OS platform.


This webcam is not supported with software for it is using a plug-and-play system. Picture setting is done with automatic control option for contrast level, color balance, and brightness level. This feature lets anyone to operate this webcam with ease.

Modern, Practical, and Functional Design

Rexus Stream SW-RX01 is designed modernly and elegantly, to increase your confidence while using it. It is perfected by increasing the functionality, functionality, and light weight feature from its design. Comes with a holder which suits every monitor, balancing its webcam with any monitor.

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Camera Resolution 1280 x 720
Data Format YUY2/MJPG
Pixel Size 3.0?m*3.0?m
Working Current MAX 200mA
Image Sensor HDCMOS ov
Frame Rate 30 fps

Technical Specification

Lens Size: 1/4?

Camera Resolution: 1280×720

Data Format: YUY2/MJPG

Pixel Size: 3.0 micrometer * 3.0 micrometer

Lens Parameter: HD CMOS

– FOV: D=68.6°

– F/NO: 2.4

– Lens Construction: 5P

– TV: 

Focus: Automatic

Frame per Second: 30fps

Automatic Control:
– Saturation
– Contrast level
– Brightness level
– Color balance
– Exposure

Voltage: DC 5V

Current: 200mA (Maksimum)

USB Connector: USB2.0

Ideal Storage Temperature: -20°C to +70°C

Ideal Operational Temperature: Depends on ambient temperature

– Windows XP (SP2,SP3), Vista 7,8,10
– Linux or OS with UVC driver

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