Ideal Design

Rexus Q20 Wireless Mouse is designed specifically for office work and presentation. With the ideal size which fits the palm of your hand, easily put inside your laptop bag and carried anywhere.

3 Million Click Lifespan

This wireless mouse use Huano switch which is famous for its durability. Q10 can withstand an amount of 3 million clicks.

Pixart PMW3065 Sensor

Rexus Q20 is equipped with Pixart PMW 3065 chipset sensor which is excellent in precision and power usage. A specifically made chipset sensor for a wireless mouse.

Practical AA Battery

This wireless mouse use the practical and easily found AA battery for its power source. The efficient power usage technology will help the user not to change battery often.

Adjustable DPI Level

This wireless mouse has three sensitivity levels, 800 – 1200 – 1600, giving you the choice in deciding its cursor speed. Suitable for you who work in design and other works which need faster and accurate mouse movement.


Connector Type Wireless with Nano USB receiver
Switch Huano 3M lifespan
Buttons 3
DPI Level 800 – 1200 – 1600
Weight 55 grams
Dimension 107 x 58,5 x 36,8mm
Operating System Win 7/Win 8/Win10/ Windows Viesta/ Windows XP

Your Excellent Workmate

Office mouse which is ideally designed for work, equipped with sophisticated technology and features, Rexus Wireless Mouse Q20 comes to support your working performance. Made specifically for practical use, high mobility, and designed elegantly, comes with a sensitivity control driver, suitable to fulfil your mouse moving performance. Rexus Q20 will be your excellent workmate!

  • Rexus Q20 is equipped with quality chipset sensor, PIXART PMW 3065, producing a precise sensor which is suitable for fast or slow mouse movement,
  • Ideal Design, with the perfect size and model. Very practical to use for work, anywhere and anytime,
  • Comes with Nano USB which is small in size that it will not interfere your laptop appearance.
  • Adjustable DPI level: 800 – 1200 – 1600
  • Auto ON/OFF
mouse wireless Rexus Q20 Q20 01

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